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DIY Landscaping On Your Terms

We make it easy to transform your yard, patio, driveway, fire pit, or path into a beautiful and functional space with very little work or maintenance. 

We produce landscaping materials at our quarries that include decorative rock, sand, topsoil and mulch. However, we don't just dump our products in bins and leave the hard part to you. We do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy creating a space that fits your needs, all while guaranteeing the lowest prices by selling direct to customers. Explore our products and 6 step process to discover options that work for you. We provide an end-to-end selection & sizing service by providing complementary samples and measurements with a no contact option, if needed. We can also help with placement and offer payment options. We want to be your partner on your terms.


Step 1:  

Define your Project


Install a path

Replace your bark

Xeriscape your yard

Upgrade a parking area

Improve curb appeal

Garden box surround

Functional side yard

Step 2:  

Select the Right Product

Skip the hectic, noisy and intimidating rock yards. Explore pictures on our website, visit one of our many public installations and/or request samples delivered to your door free of charge.

Step 3:  

Determine Amount

Measure your space's length and width and we'll help you determine the amount you need depending on the product you selected. Or have us do it for you at no charge.

Step 4:  
Order your Product &  Set-up Delivery

Call us and we'll make sure you get the best price on the product of your choice and delivery.

Step 5:  

If desired, we can place the product exactly where you need it so you don't have to.

Step 6:  
Payment Options

We offer several
payment options to
best fit your


Our Products

We produce our own materials at our Quarry near Delta, Utah and are able to offer them to you at wholesale pricing. Prices may vary depending on product type, quantity and delivery specifications. We can also source and provide other products at the best price if you want something we don't produce and will provide you with the same level of service we provide for our own products.

We will always beat retail prices on product and delivery.

Small FlagstoneChips

$89 per ton
In Stock

Our Small Flagstone Chips have natural binding

ability and incredible compaction due to the fines included with this rock. Because of this, Small

works best in pathways, park pads, fire pits, and driveways. Also, because of the porous nature,

areas with water issues.

Medium FlagstoneChips

$84 per ton
In Stock

Our Medium Flagstone Chips do not come with

fines, but hold the same porous properties and

high calcium levels. The Medium sized chips work

best as stone mulch, in xeriscaping projects, and

around fire pits. You might even find fossil if you're


Large FlagstoneChips

$79 per ton
In Stock

Our Large Flagstone Chips function similarly to the Medium Chips. They're primarily used as stone

mulch and in xeriscaping projects. By replacing

your lawn with decorative stone can save up to

22 gallons of water per square foot.

Rainbow Canyon Cobble

$59 per ton
In Stock

Our Cobble is as versatile as it gets. It can be used around trees, patios, and in flower beds, in xeriscaping projects, or around decorative displays. It's unique color compliments a cool toned color palette or provides a contrast for neutral planters.

Also available in 2-4" and 2-6"

Rainbow Canyon Crushed Pea

$59 per ton
In Stock

This is a 3/8" crushed gravel from our Cobble and lays relatively flat when installed, and is often used in pathways.

Play Sand

$32 per ton
In Stock

Fine and soft screened playground sand perfect for making sand castles in your sandbox.

Rainbow Canyon Crushed

$59 per ton
In Stock

We  crush our cobble giving it varied texture and pronounced color. Often used in colorful xeriscaping projects it is available in 7/8" and 1 1/2".

Rainbow Canyon Natural Pea

$59 per ton
In Stock

Our 9/16" natural pea gravel occurs naturally at

this size and color. It is often used in decorative installations such as fountains and fire pits. It can

also be used in pathways to provide a colorful pop

to your landscaping projects.

Top Soil & Mulch

Contact us for prices
In Stock

Our soils and mulches add organic material and nutrients to existing soil helping decrease water usage. It's ready to plant in and is perfect for flower or vegetable gardens.

Additional Products:

  • Lava Rock

  • Paver Sand

  • Gray Fractured Rock

  • White Fractured Rock



Ideas for your Project

English Driveway

Beautiful Pathways

Back Yards

Water Saving Xeriscaping

Front Yards

Bark Replacement

Utility Spaces

Garden Pathways


Pathway & Edging

Extra Parking

Park Strip


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